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TheRodinhoods Mumbai September 2013 – Open House Agenda!

Its time to meet for what promises to be the most exciting Open House of the year so far!! This is the proposed agenda for the Mumbai Open House scheduled on the 14th of September 2013 – see venue details here and also RSVP please!

(Heartfelt thanks to NSE for the brilliant venue!)

Event Agenda

2:00–2:15 pm

Welcome address by Alok (Founder) and presentation of Agenda by Akancha

2:15 – 3:00 pm

“No table” Q & A session with Sumant Mandal and Alok

We have a very special guest with us this time around. We are super excited to welcome Sumant Mandal , Managing Director at Clearstone Venture Partners, USA.

Clearstone is a leading early stage venture capital firm that has been the initial investor in companies such as Paypal, Netzero,, Overture and many others. Sumant leads  Clearstone India investments. He is on the boards of The Rubicon Project, BillDesk, Games2Win, Glossi, Clearfly, Deep Forest Media and Openbucks.

Have fun and learn as a leading global VC and our very own ‘Rodinhood’ set the stage on fire with their one on one session.

3:00- 3:15 pm

Ask Sumant!


Ask Sumant all the questions you ever wanted to ask a VC. Funding, scaling, local, global, founder, social…whatever is on your mind! You can mail your questions to . The editorial team will help select the questions so that many of our rodinhooders from out of town can also participate in the Q&A. We will take live questions from the audience too.

3:15- 3:45

There but not there!

2 entrepreneurs get an opportunity to present their business stories.Tell us about how you started, evolution of your business and where you are at today. Ask Sumant on how to get further ahead and progress to next level. Whats your roadblock? Whats the biggest market challenge? Any unique challenges? Ask and you will get the answer!

To get an opportunity to present in this section, you should send your case duly submitted in THIS ppt format .The final 2 presenters will be chosen between Asha, the editor and Alok, for presentation at the Open House.

In this format 2 Rodinhooders get 5 Minutes to present 5 Slides on the topic. They get to ask 3 key questions to Sumant. Few members of the audience then get to ask questions each about what they saw.

Akancha ( will be timing the presenters and they will be asked to stop sharp after 5 minutes.

Repeat- The link for format of the presentation is THIS Please download this and send it to Asha, the editor – before the end of day on 7th September, to get a chance to present.

Please stick to the presentation template, prescribed format and deadline.

3:45 – 4:10 pm

Special Presentation by Alok

4:10 – 4:30 pm

The YouTube story by Anand Nair

YouTube is integral part of our business and personal lives today. Its a powerful digital media tool and one cant ignore it. But did you think that it doesn’t have its own unique challenges?

Listen to the YouTube story from Anand Nair. Anand, who works for Google, will take us through its journey, challenges, problems, processes and lessons. Lets hear how YouTube became what it is today.

4:30 – 4.45 pm

Open House discussion!

This is an open house after all. We know that many of you travel from different cities to attend it. So, if you have any more questions, stories, learnings or inputs to share, we will have a 30 minutes time slot to accommodate as many such free flowing interactions.

Come with an open mind and do not hesitate to participate. 

4:45 – 5:00 pm

Chit Chat, group photo, gang photos, mingling and connecting. 

PS – Alok will be distributing 150 free copies of the Autobiography of Yogi for those who don’t have a copy and want to read the book!

R.S.V.P here!!



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  1. Now that’s what We were looking for, from a Long time, Finally!!! Sumant with Alok 🙂 Smokinnggggggggg!!!

  2. This is going to be huge!!!

  3. Darshan, you said it!! See you there!! -:)))

  4. yessssss!! for sure!!!! look forward to seeing you there!!

  5. I am looking forward to this.

  6. so are we! see you there!

  7. Finaly I am in Mumbai..Finally I get to attend an Open House!!

    This will really be huge!!

  8. yes tejas! it will be and look forward to seeing you there!

  9. Great! Will be there.

  10. i will be coming all the way from Nagpur and this will be my first Open House
    looking forward to meet alok sir for the first time ever  very very excited

  11. fantastic!!

  12. Can anybody tell me .How do i take a part in it.

  13. I am coming to attend this wonderful session!

  14. awesome!!

  15. all the details are mentioned right here in the blog! just rsvp and show up!!

  16. see you tomorrow!!

  17. I was not in touch with the Rodinhood for a long time. Will surely catch up on these discussion. 

  18. I am going to attend this session too. This will be my first open house. 🙂

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