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This is Why I Work Hard….

Hello Rodinhooders,

I am here today to share one of my deepest secrets to answer the question which my friends usually ask: Why I Work So Hard? Maybe this blog post will help me finish one of my biggest fears.

So, a brief introduction about me, I am a 19 year old guy studying a Finance course in Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. Along with this I run this ed-tech venture . I am also the City Mayor at Entrepreneur Café

So when I was in the 8th standard of my school, everyone in my friend’s circle had a mobile phone. I was the one who actually did not have a mobile phone in the whole lot. I felt very unusual as to why I didn’t have one. The conclusion was that my parents thought that I am still not ready to have a cell phone. Most of the decisions in the life of an 8th std. student is taken by parents. So mine was the same case too…

I was very frustrated and slowly that frustration was converting into anger for my parents. I knew I would not be able to convince them.

I moved on the next plausible thing, I created a plan…

I started inducing into my parent’s mind that an online competition is coming up, which if I win I will get a good mobile phone. And just about the right day, I noticed where my father kept his locker keys. I took the keys and opened the locker when no one was at home. I took just the 7000 Rs to purchase that mobile phone which I had in my mind.

Took the money, quickly went to the nearest electronic mega-store, made the purchase and came back home! By this time mom was back and I brought the mobile phone with me. I told her that the courier boy just brought this gift. MY MOTHER BELIEVED ME OUT OF THE LOVE FOR ME! SHE WAS THRILLED! 

I was thrilled that she was happy!

She informed this to my father and many family members – I showed off my phone to my friends and said that I won this! I was the center of attraction.

Soon, in the next 15 days, my father took the rest of the money out for something. Being a CA he kept a track of his money very efficiently, he saw the difference in money and enquired the bank about it, and they seemed to know nothing. Soon he was doubting if I had done it, because having a mobile of the same amount of money missing from the house is not co-incidental.

My mother asked me about it, I felt so scared, I started crying and confessed. She started crying, my little sister started crying and said “Bhaiya aisa nahi kar sakta” (My brother can never do that.)

Soon, Dad had come home, I was at his feet to apologise to him, he scolded and gave me a little beating. He shouted! I was shit scared, locked myself in the bathroom for an hour, cried full time. My father was not able to bear the pain, and he too was crying. Typing this still makes me cry.

After an hour, he called me out and we had a simple conversation. The only thing which he said at the end which still haunts me is, “Jab main marr raha hounga na, tabhie mujhe yaad rahega ki Yash ne ghar mein chori kari thi” (The day when I will be dying, I will still remember that Yash once stole from home)

And all this for what, A MOBILE PHONE????

That line, still haunts me, takes me on a guilt ride, comes back again, and crushes me!

He had forgiven me much earlier than I had expected, but do you believe all this for a MOBILE PHONE!!

That single line is my key to motivation and answer to everyone question as TO WHY I WORK SO HARD?
Because I want my dad to forget about this with all the achievements and good things I do.

I am too afraid to share this with any of my friends, because I lied to them constantly in their face and I will never have to courage to speak to them directly! NEVER!

And this is why I want my ACTIONS to speak louder than WORDS and this is why I work day and night to achieve that singular goal of finishing and destroying my inner guilt of what I did in 8th standard when I was in school.

Yash Roongta

Twitter: yash_roongta



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  1. such a brave post yash! not many people would have the courage to admit something like this 🙂

    i love the fact that you work very hard. at your age you must (you’ll be surprised till what age most of us slog!!!!)

    but pls stop feeling guilty. as parents, we often dhamkao our children for their good – and yes, your dad’s words sure worked on you!

    let go of the guilt now. after sharing your story here with thousands of rodinhooders, i hope you feel lighter now.

    bestest wishes 🙂

  2. ps: thank you yash, for feeling comfortable about posting this here on trh 🙂

    god bless!!

  3. Thank You Asha,

    I do feel light now after sharing this with a large audience here on Rodinhoods!

  4. I don’t know if your father has already told you this, but believe me he is already proud of you 🙂

  5. Thank You Sanjeev 🙂

    I hope he feels the same way when he discovers this post 🙂

  6. Just Do It. 🙂

  7. the heart..honest..inspirational. .courageous..from another son to another equally disciplined father….kudos..and all the very best for fulfilling many more milestones..and rest assured. .though u remember the lines he said…I’m sure your dad only remembers how bravely his son grew up from a boy to a man..and of how he inspires ppl on the power of honesty and hard work..may god bless you and your dad with a long illustrious life ahead

  8. Thank you so much Sourish, your words really comfort me deep down there in my heart 🙂

  9. Hey !!  Yash Don’t feel Guilty your father must have said it out of anger ..

    i am sure he does not  mean it , and also you don’t have to come out on public forum about it 

    Guilt is a very strong self destructive emotion.. and as you where innocent and sensitive  it has created
    impact on your mind ,,,  you u have just stolen money to buy phone .. Its okay
    you are not a harden habitual juvenile  criminal ,,,  be easy on your self don’t punish your self by working hard  or dont do anything
    to by force to over come your Guilt …

    Chill and just relax go with the flow …. Let bygones be bygones..

  10. Guilt is good

    Frustration is good

    Fear is good

    Jealousy is good

    All this clarifies, cuts through the crap and captures the essense of evolutionary spirit. All this gets the job done.

    Good going Yash!!

  11. hey yash,

    i had to spoil the bottom part of your post!! sowrie :)))

  12. Wow! Thank you so much Asha 🙂

  13. Thanks Atul 🙂

  14. Thanks Prashant. 

    I get your point and will implement it in my life 🙂

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