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Thought/Idea to enhance Twitter User Experience UX.

I just had an #IDEA to enhance user experience #ux for @Twitter as a product. Hey @Jack, hope you are listening..?

You have a feature called Threads or we call it Tweet Storm. So, I can write a series of tweets and connect them to make a real #Blogging like experience.

Now, the IDEA is to Allow users to:
1. #Rearrange the tweets in different sequences.
2. #Add tweets at the beginning of #TweetStorm.
3. Add tweets in the middle of the #TweetThread.

Now, It’s just a thought, I really don’t know, what all can be its use cases.

Same as a new #Startup Product Idea, it totally depends on the user’s #creativity to make great uses of it. Also, I just have a hunch, it can be a good idea, it can totally be a bad Idea.

So, as a product at Twitter’s Scale with millions of active users every moment, a hunch must be taken seriously more than anything else. If I would own @Twitter, I would have invested in my own hunch of allowing users to Rearrange tweets, add tweets in the beginning, or in the middle of the Tweet Thread / Tweetstorm.

Why doesn’t it seem logical to some extent?

  1. Tweet Storm is felt like a sequence of events that happened in a particular sequence.
  2. It’s felt like a Timeline that tells you, the things as they happened.

But, Twitter, in the beginning, changed the way people used blogging platforms and it created a market of its own kind called microblogging. It can again change the way; the things are used now.

Technically, it’ll just need to build the best possible tools around its own product and let people use their #creativity to make the best use of it.

Okay, improvising further.

@Twitter’s tweetstorm experience is broken. Writing a 20 tweets tweetstorm is much like hustling between data in multiple excel sheets. Solution?

Allow me to write a blog then allow me to convert it to a tweet storm with cool visual tools

  1. On web
  2. On Mobile

Come on Dear Product Managers at Twitter, is that too much to ask for

  1. Don’t we all love Twitter?
  2. Won’t we all like it to help us more in our daily lives.
  3. Won’t twitter too gain from the enhanced user experience.

Do let me know your views on the same in comments.

This article is my 13th TweetStorm from a Series I write on my twitter account @harry_in_action with #ProductManagementProdublem.

By problem, I most probably mean the opportunity which the product I am writing about would probably enhance user experience. I’ve been inspired by Sir Alok Kejriwal by his daily writing habits. I am also looking for Product Management Opportunities.

While writing this particular TweetStorm, I also felt a shortcoming in the tweetstorm feature. I’ve written almost 10tweets in a row, none posted yet. Even now, I can’t add, one to its first/2nd/nth position But nope, I rediscovered @twitter and its tweetstorm feature.

While I am still writing and editing the storm, It’s #possible to add one tweet in the middle though, the same + (add) button at the bottom, add the tween at n+1th position where n is current cursor position.

Though, it wasn’t quite obvious but OK, I must call it a hidden feature. Wasn’t obvious, right ? OR I am quite dumb?
Can I please get some credit for writing this? Okay Fine RT Share? OR Connect with PM Opportunities?


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