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Startup the first step towards the social network of actions.

Vision : To build a social network of actions
One step at a time 


Ok so we are building a productivity tool, but what kind of productivity are we interested in? 

Productivity upon ideas 

To be able to empower men and women of ideas my team and we have set the path of building step by step, the social network of actions.

On this path, productivity is to be nailed first. I am here to engage with the community about Todoed, which is the first step that we have taken . 

Please share your thoughts on Todoed chrome extension. Take a look, try it, refer it or bomb it. It’s upto you, but do something.

Here is a demo

Todoed is really an iota of what we have the vision of building. We are focused on the productivity |  on building of ideas. Essentially a problem with independent parts that is needed = productivity, building ideas, mode of collaboration and communication to be productive on. Todoed is the first piece of the puzzle.

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  1. hey raj,

    so i’m super intrigued. “social network of actions” sounds so cool 🙂

    i saw the vid – and it looks cool as well. more when i try it out!

    btw, doesn’t slack have these kinda features?

    will promote tomo – let’s see what others have to say 🙂

  2. Thank you for the reply Asha. No, slack doesnt have these features!

    Slack could however have these features, Todoed could just be the missing todolist for Slack. Todoed in Slack can really evolve slack into a productive chat product, rather than just a work chat product.


    The slackbot inside slack is intuitive and is mainly an onboarding tool for new users of Slack. At Todoed we are looking forward to building a chat bot focused on your producitivity, first for Slack the whatsapp, telegram and messenger.

    Wish us luck and spread some love. Also share feedback after using the chrome extension.

    We are on this path already and will make the world one hell of a productive place to build in!

  3. Hmmm… I added the extension, but when I wanted to assign a task to a colleague, thats when I felt a sharp pain…

    How will all my colleagues get populated in the contacts lists?

    Is this better suited for b2b productivity?

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