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Do you trust people, 1000% ??

The chief information security officer at Amazon should have gone insomniac looking at the way Amazon handles the security aspect, allowing 5 letter password, and never asking you to change, lets you be logged in on your browser forever, lets you buy anything at one click of a button.


The most recent, and soon going to be a unicorn insurance company- Lemonade is in a quest to make insurance an open, honest insurance company, processed one of acclaimed claim in record 3 seconds, and is set on a high growth spur in just under a quarter of its launch.



Amazon, Lemonade, they trust fellow human beings, their customers that everyone is good at heart. Transparency has been Google’s core belief. Google has been very transparent with the users from their early days, they believe, the openness in the source will be used for good by people. The behemoth Amazon has become in the e-commerce space is slowly and steadily only rising higher and higher. This does not mean they will never encounter any frauds, they will, and they must already have!


Let me share my personal experience at printvenue here, I had made a purchase a long time ago, of a personalized inscribed elegant sleek key-chain to gift it to someone I know professionally. They inscribed the name and topped up my order with more free inscription to surprise me! Getting the delivery of the product 2 days before my travel, I discovered that surprise in horror, a big heart shape was inscribed below the name. May be the printvenue’s AI engine was learning to do matchmaking now, and was already erring in my case hinting me to look at the options!! Nonetheless, after umpteen futile attempts of calling/emailing for refund/return/exchange, I gave up. They fundamentally believe that everyone requesting for an exchange/refund/return is a fraud. The key-chain is still sitting unused in the box it came in. No wonder, Rocket Internet decided to write off printvenue eventually. So many e-commerce sites, treat their customers with distrusting belief.


The world is divided in two camps, one who trusts everyone, and the other distrusts everyone. A trusting belief is: every human being is fundamentally a good honest being. While the mindset of distrust is the opposite: every being is basically a dishonest person, and will play dishonesty at every given chance.

Human psychology makes us to live up to people’s belief in us, someone’s belief controlling our behavior?? not such a happy feeling, I know! The truth is, with the people who trust in goodness within us, we are good and honest when transacting with them, while in a stark contrast to this, when the other party does not trust us, we tend to become dishonest with them. This gets manifested everywhere we transact.

Trust is the driving factor in most of the successful anything, be it relationship, business, friendship, you name it! ‘Have a li’l faith!’ – could be a key to your successful ______ (fill in the blank with your own word here)


(Image sources: Google)


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  1. Deeti, can you add pictures of Amazon, of Printvenue? Just take them from google and add ‘source X’. Pictures tell a thousand stories & especially when specific brands are mentioned. Generic pictures deter people from clicking on posts.

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