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Uber for Shopping: An App to Connect Buyer & Seller in Real Time

Dear All,


I believe this is the best forum to have quick test of your business concept and refine it with valuable inputs from fellow Rodinhooders.




A friend of mine is working on a mobile app (launch page), which would connect a buyer with seller in real time on the basis of their location and what the buyer is looking for.



So imagine you are in a big shopping mall, which has 500 stores and you would like buy a pair of jeans


Wouldn’t you like to check all the best offers, discounts available at different stores before buying one?


I think most of us would like to check that, since all of us want value for money. Less money MORE VALUE is something we would love to have every time we buy something.


Let say there are 50 different stores selling jeans, practically it’s not good idea to go through all 50 stores after all you have come for shopping not to the Gym




So, What if you had an app to do this job for you!


Open the app,


    1. It detects your location , you can improvise the location the way we do with Uber


    1. Select what you are looking for (Restaurants, Jeans, Cushions or Dinner Set etc.)


    1. And the app gives the best offers from local shops near you


    1. Then?   Select the one offer you like &  the app guides you reach the store on map





That’s the Idea folks!


Request you guys share your thoughts, be the best critique tell us why this will not work , be our friend guide us create the next Uber with right mix of ingredients and become our user for a moment and tell us what all you would really love to have in such app




Looking forward for your thoughts! 


twitter : @kumar_arayan


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  1. Good idea and the front end is easy enough.  Geo location tagging is no longer rocket science.  

    Its the backend brick-n-mortar relationships that will need work.  You need to connect with a lot of stores to make it happen.  

    You could start mall by mall.  Cover each mall and then put up a billboard at the entrance with a QR code and GA tagged URL.

    Once you prove the model is making money then you should approach VCs for funding to expand at a faster rate.  This model has a low barrier to entry so expect competitors to quickly ramp up.  I think for you speed is of the essence.  

  2. Hi Abey,

    Really appreciate your inputs ! This is surely going to help . The team is currently working on product and very soon should come with beta version in this forum for your valuable inputs .

    Thank you ! 

  3. Look forward to it!

  4. Good Idea !!

    I am on the same lines for pune

  5. Thanks Hemant !

    Loved the look of site – Young , Fresh , Energy ! 

    Wish you all the best ! 

  6. Thanks.

    Also share your app after its complete.

    Best of luck.

  7. Can’t understand how it will work?

    Is it an algorithm? If so, then are you saying that ‘deals’ with ‘location’ is your thing?

    Why did Groupon fail? It was the same thing (kind of) – with push vs. pull?

  8. Hi Alok,

    Really appreciate, you took time to look at the Idea and share your view. 

    Good news is, we have been able to get your attention!

    Bad is , we have not been able to explain it clearly and convince 

    Please allow us try again!

    So, There is a shop in a mall/market or next to my uncle’s office , he sells Denim Jeans Pants 

    Practically only  people walking in to his store gets to know what he is offering (product/service/benefits etc.)

    Now, How  he reaches to  other potential customers? What he can do to attracts more and more new customers every day, to grow the business? 

    He may go on TV/Radio/News Paper to promote his business, but it’s crowded and message is forcibly served to audience

    Imagine, he has an app in his phone, where he can update about new arrivals / festive offers / seasonal discount or just the thing that may attract more customers. The message gets only served to relevant people on their mobile phone.

     Should this help a business get new customers?

    We are trying offer a lot simpler, easy to use Mobile Adwords(GDN) to SMEs / Offline businesses with the 3R ( Reach, Relevancy & ROI )

    And for a user it’s going to be “Uber for Shopping”

    Please share your thoughts Alok and be the best critique we would ever meet  



  9. Similar concept got funding in millions 🙂

    With $50M funding and partnership with Paytm, Zovi founders set to launch app only marketplace for deals

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