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[Update]A Platform to connect Sponsors and Event Organizers in few hours

Hi Rodinhooders,

Here is a little update on what i was speaking previously. I have choose a model to bring measurement and more brand Interactions. We are looking to reach a 1000 people fro survey and early adopters of the platform(reached 325 responses in one and half day). 

If you are interested to in this please respond @


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I have organized/volunteered nearly 50 small and big events in the last 2.5 years. Finding sponsors is one of the biggest pain point. so i thought i will take this up. I am working on a platform where it connects both sponsors and event organizers with in few hours. I am here to validate and do a small survey.

Here are a few models to do  and challenges to make this happen

Model 1 – Directly get in touch with brands and event organizers and match them appropriately by manual process. 

Model 2 – Make a Saas Product that helps the event organizers to manage their communication with sponsors. Get the data over time and jump into match making of companies and event sponsors.

Model 3 – Create a kick starter kind of model  for events where people can support the event and in turn get some incentives.

Model 4 – We can create a platform where organizers can request for support by creating a support page (which we will associate it with a brand). Organizers can ask for support from their peers/friends. Their audience can support the campaign by paying with a tweet/share etc,. the more interaction that comes on page. The brand associated will pay organizer depending on the interaction brought to the platform.

These are few models floating in my mind I am sure we can think of much better models to work on. I am much interested in penetrating the space for small events (50-150 attendee size) like local sports event, freshers parties, fests at brand level in colleges, etc,. and then expand to handling big events.

To make this happen and to build the best solution for this scenario. Apart from my personal experience, i really think i need to under stand a lot of different aspects both from Event Organizer side and the companies side. Can you please share me your toughs on this Idea/space?

The simplest way you can help me is to fill the following survey form(and i believe that the information you fill here will be a gold mine for me):

If you an event organizer, please fill this:

If you are a company, please fill this:

If you think i missed some context in the above write up, let me know. Will be happy to rethink, work again and answer the missing part.

If you are reading this line, i am assuming you have read the complete post and  filled the form. 

Thanks for your time

PS: The survey you will fill will not be shared and will be kept confidential

PSS: Please comment your opinions about the same.

– Manoj Surya





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  1. This is an idea that has been tried many times. I think the business needs very specific sponsors who like intimate discussions and ideations. Even television media sells 1-on-1, so this is a far deeper challenge.

    Have you had any traction?

  2. Hey Manoj, I had been organizing few events. Let me know if you are able to crack this. I can be of help to you if you need.

  3. Hi @alok,

    Good to hear back from you. I tought of replying immediatly but i thought it would be much better if i do more research and come up with a model. I you have 3 minutes time, i request you to go through the 13 slide ppt(less text and are only 11 slides excluding name and  thank you slide). 

    Your insights will be valuable for me.

  4. Hey Arun,

    Thanks for showing your interest on this. I worked on few things and came up with a model(uploaded in the above comment). Can you please check and give your opinion? 

    PS: We met in Co-founder search event in mumbai last year.

  5. No traction still Alok but few people shown their interest. I researched about this till now(and still doing). Will be coming with a prototype soon.

    -My research also included 30 starts ups and mid sized companies on their exisitng spent on online marketing and events. and with 20 event organizers (apart from research done on google)

  6. Alok, Ideation but i think we freezed the model on how it works. Can you please spend a couple of minutes and check

    Looking forward for your feedback Alok.

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