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UPI (Unified Payment Interface)

UPI is the most interesting thing which going to be a game changer in the small payment ecosystem. As of now only banks are allowed to be PSP, however some startups are working on this, like PhonePe.

Wanted to have views and a discussion on the below questions in my mind:

1. What is the future of wallet companies like paytm, Citrus etc?

2, When only banks are allowed as of now, how companies like PhonePe and and other start ups claiming their app will have/has UPI features?

3. What would be fate of payment gateway companies?

4. How it will affect the business of Master card/Visa?


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  1. hey eswar there is an interesting article today on UPI in livemint. am sharing it for folks who want to read more about it!

    ps: have pinged a rodinhooder who understands payment gateways/wallets well 🙂

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