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Utpatang – The Startup Store!


It started with an idea.


The idea prevailed through everything for almost an Year.


It was 6 months before that we started to finally focus and execute.


It took us 7 postponing of launch dates.


And then it Happened! We Launched on 3rd August 2015!



An online merchandising platform for startups and entrepreneurs – !



How did it all start?


The idea was always to come out with something for the startups, work places and for those who connect with the entrepreneurial world. In the past 6 years of running a startup, we had experimented with many easy to execute ideas for our office, which not only got us client attention, but also talent. We remember how a client saw our door stopper (designed by us with a cardboard) and decided to show up. We ended up doing his launch campaign ads. 🙂


All the answers to our question, “Why you want to work here?” had a subtle mention of how they loved our work place and wanted to work here. Obviously, that was not our selection criteria! 🙂


But something clicked.


We were pretty clear about what kind of messaging we wanted to deliver in our products, but were very unsure about the kind of products. We had a signature concept in our mind, which we are still working on, that further led us to many different ideas. 


The challenge was how to go about it. How to start? How to test the market? How to make an entry? And most importantly, how to assess our competency?


We talked to many people, majorly from the startup world. Conducted online surveys. And we got some very few but valuable feedbacks. The one thing that everyone kept on asking was:


Why Startups? Why not launch for the masses? 


Every time the question was asked, we would come back and discuss the question amongst ourselves. We started cross-questioning among our own small team to reach to a final answer. We knew that if everyone is saying, there’s something we might be missing out on. But the highlight part was that each one of us wanted to do something for the entrepreneurial world. We were and still are so sure of it that we have prepared ourselves for the challenges ahead. 


What do we want to be ?


We want to be the one stop hub for all your startup needs. Every damn thing. Have a look at our launch products. We have worked on each one for months. We didn’t settle with anything mediocre. We never will.


From our startup signage to our startup aasan mugs, each merchandise is crafted with passion. We focus on how the bottom of our mugs should be, what the backside of our signage should look like and how can we make the inside of the notebooks as interesting as its cover. From the wooden framing of signage for a 3-D look to the illustrated quotations on the inside pages of the notebook, we have ensured that the entire product gives you the value you have paid for. 



Startup Metal Signage


img_0167Mug Bottom Design


Wear your startup attitude, have a compelling signage on your wall or just carry a creative notebook everyday to work. Just stay Utpatang!


You will soon see many exciting products, never-thought before kinds, that will help you make your startup place productive and engaging. And that’s exactly our plan. And we are so excited to work on it. We look forward to many meaningful collaborations where we can add value to the ecosystem in our own humble ways. 


We are the first ever startup store and we look forward to being the best ever. 


Kindly visit our website and give your feedback. We are taking it all and working on most of it!


UPDATE: We are also open to suggesting space design ideas for your work place. We are not charging for it as of now. 



Your work place is going to get a lot better! Promise!


Keep Rocking!!




You can connect with me @


Twitter Id: @anamikajoshi
















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  1. anamika & tarun, many congrats for venture number 2!!

    will give you feedback after the newsletter :))))

  2. Hi Anamika,

    Great Idea! Will be waiting to see what’s more in ‘store’.

    All the best!

  3. Congrats Anamika.. 🙂  

    I checked Utpatang recently only, some sent the link. Please include posters and frames. The first thing startups look for when they get a new office is bunch of motivational and startup quotes related posters. 

    And nothing to be worried if you don’t have answer to Why Startups only? What I have experienced is, its always best to start with niche first. You can learn, experiment, make loyal fans, build a brand and then moving on to masses becomes much easier..

    Good luck.. 🙂

  4. Thanks Asha ji!! 🙂 Waiting for your feedback!

  5. Thanks Gulzar! We have a whole list of products to be launched… And we are sure you will love it! Stay tuned here 🙂 

  6. Hey Mubaid! You will find posters and frames by next week… It’s our next in line product!

    Thanks for those words… gives us strength!

  7. Hi Anamika,

    Great idea!! The number of products on the website needs to be more.

    My best wishes.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sunil Suri

  8. Hi Sunil

    Thanks for the words. We are working hard on getting more product categories which we have already started working on. Hope you will love them!

  9. Awesome idea. Congrats and all the best.

  10. Thanks a lot Chetan!

  11. Hi Anamika,

    Nice website. Looking forward to see more wacky stuff! Btw just one suggestion – the font in your blog (I guess comic sans) seems somewhat out of place. Also it is not in tandem with the font used in the rest of the pages.

    Or maybe it is just me 🙂 Please check for user feedback.

  12. Hi Sridhar!

    Thanks for those words!! Kindly stay tuned for more wacky stuff which would be updated soon. We are working really hard on that and would be able to do that very soon!

    Regarding font, we haven’t used comic sans anywhere. But you may be right about the uniformity thing, which we will see how to establish.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

    Keep checking our site for the updates or follow us at

    Have a great time ahead!

  13. nice stuff

    can we also think of office decorations – inter office gifts / congratulation handouts etc?

  14. anamika – i like alok’s idea a lot. eg for 2win you could create 2winner of the month in some utpatang way.

    or get creative with one of his games – “utpatang parking” :))) 

    i think you should start pitching to different startups – send mockups. customise for inter-office rewards/prizes/gifts

  15. Thanks a lot Alok ji for checking out our products and giving your feedback! We would love to get a detailed and a harsh one from you to let us improve further on this. 

    Regarding your suggestion, we would love to do it! It further pushes our idea of enabling our product ideas increase engagement within startups.

    Currently, we are focusing on increasing our product range as per the demand and suggestions that we have received. You will soon hear from us something concrete on the above suggested idea by you! It would be really soon!! 

  16. Yes Asha ji! It really is a good idea! I am already having ideas jumping inside me! 

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