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WANTED: Entrepreneurs / Investors / Techies – for a fab e-commerce business!!

Disclaimer: This is a serious & independent proposal for any interested individual or organisation.

Dear All.,

I am a start-up entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India & have a brand activation agency serving clients from across the spectrum all over India. Me & a friend again with a marketing & technical ( he is an engineer!! ) background have put together a business in the e-commerce platform.

We are very confident about the business & are striving towards making a expansive system & a growing team. We need a e-comm veteran to guide us thru this business. We are open to dedicate 10% equity from the company to this person / organisation. Further we can discuss business when we understand each others requirements & capabilities.

Warm Regards

Haardik Joshi


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  1. HI,

    Thanks for your encouraging commments SANCHITA & ABHISHEK – well as good as competition & challenges are concerned – i turned an entrepreneur for this KICK !! Challenges are fodder to success.

    Also – i am not opening a store portal – nothing like ebay, flipkart & what nots…i believe that space is too crowded so ones chance to survive, even with a good business plan, not looking too good.

    So, if you guys are thinking of venturing into the flipkart / snapdeal space, hope you have a fab idea as a base for your business..

    Lastly – there is only one way i know to do business, grow solid relations with your customers – give them what they want – sell & make profits – i dont understand this VALUATION bullshit…i think its a product of the pseudo-new-age-e business starters….whose ventures would not see beyond 2014.

    Just build a robust business & keep on serving & growing your customer base….no sell-outs….!! you never sell your brand, you keep on growing it!! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the post 😀

    “Famous saying is : When you need money ask for advice and when you need advice ask for money” — is awesome..dint come across this until now 🙂

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