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Maglu blog post

Maglu blog post

A must read for every entrepreneur!

Hello to every Entrepreneur who is reading this piece of courage.

Today I’m gonna share an amazing story with you which is about a middle class teenage boy fighting to stand as an entrepreneur since he was 15. No he is not a street fighter but yes he fights to reach where he aspires to!

He started his entrepreneurship journey in high school when everyone of his classmate were enjoying school life, he was all set to launch his 1st venture where he used to buy & sell used mobile phones online or offline. And how much capital he got to start? Rs.10k! He did not lose hope and successfully sold about 3 mobiles (mid-range) in the very 1st week.

His two friends got the news, they too pooled the same capital and unknowingly co-founded that venture. Together they sold about 77 used smartphones with casual profit to return money at home! But the 1st boy, our Entrepreneur was not satisfied with this, he dreamt of doing something innovative, doing something extraordinary. He asked both the co-founders to believe in him and together they launched India’s first ever firm who designs and makes custom wooden skins and covers for iPad and Samsung’s high-end smartphones. Three of them were so motivated and energetic, they successfully impressed one local shop where CNC machines were in use and got into a partnership with them.

The production was steady but due to lack of capital, they got crushed badly. I mean BADLY.

So, while passing their high school, they again started a venture again in which they started selling Merchandise and Electric accessories online on E-commerce websites. For this, they had to undergo some heavy expenses like registering Company, acquiring PIN Number, photo-shoot charges etc and they came under debt of local money lenders for this.

But why were they crushed now when everything was seeming fortunate?  Because of heavy interest rates of local moneylenders they were not capable to run the company for more than 3 months.

Now while in college, they again started a new venture known as Wholsy where they planned to help online retailers to buy goods in wholesale by just clicking the mouse, sitting in their shop or home.

This time they ran huge distances covering many whole sellers of Masjid bandar, Dadar and Surat. Now, all the bootstrapped money got used in this process and they had no money to get their website ready. The 1st boy, who started all this, gave courage again to both the co-founders and started learning hacks of HTML and Graphic designing. Alas! the third co-founder asked for his capital, which led to a heavy blow on the business. He was tired of trying and thought of separating himself from this entrepreneurial burden.

 They crashed again!

This all ended up not making wholsy a global player but fortunately gave the boy two wonderful skills to overcome similar obstacles in future.

Now the other two co-founders were thinking of doing something different and for a different vertical. Together, they co-founded which was India’s first car service station aggregator with affordability and price comparison as its charm. They were happy, energetic and equally hardworking for this venture. They got third co-founder but a different one. The one with some money!

They both walk 20+ km every single day for three months to save money and successfully partnered with 40+ service stations ready to work with Meccaniko. Website was designed and made in just one week by the self taught 1st boy and YEAH ! They can win now. It started off but nobody came. They never lost hope and gradually local drivers became their early adopters and meccaniko started to grow.

They were lacking funds to support hard work! Commission from little customers were not enough even to pay for hosting webpages. They started meeting people, they met with Mr. Alok ji too if he remembers.They approached many angel funds but were rejected saying this vertical is not so profitable and key big players are already reaping benefits. One bad news again. The third partner also flew away separating himself from tensions. This time by trying and holding on for 7 months they crashed badly. I mean BADLY.

But after all who is entrepreneur? Ask your heart and you will be amazed to hear the following words:

The one who never ever loses hope and works day & night dreaming that one day his hard work will pay off!

So they were! Tried, cried but lost till now. They used to meet each other at a chai stall where they used to chat about ideas and every evening, they’d go home with sad faces. One fine day, the 1st boy again rose and approached the other boy in midnight and shared his idea which gave him Goosebumps. They researched a bit, asked many influencers and started a new Venture called Maglu- motions of you!

It is India’s 1st and fastest growing video sharing app which not only helps users by its personal + social video sharing with AR Magics, meeting new friends more awesomely (Looping video profiles) but also helps brands to manage their video marketing over different networks from a single app! Finally after meeting 30+ people, they came across Indian entrepreneurs club Co-founder and got Incubation from IEC.

Tragic story doesn’t end here. The app’s 1st phase (BETA) launched and got 500 downloads in a single day with just user’s share of appreciation. Seriously they managed to get this without spending a rupee! And what happened after?  Unfortunately user-base reached 500+ and their server crashed due to user load. It was just meant for any small app but not for Maglu.

They are trying their best to return but are now facing serious issue of lack of funds to maintain servers and to enlarge their team. How do I know this story so well? Because it is my story. It is our story. And one thing this whole world will witness that


Was the story motivating? Did you liked it?

So, I ask you, if you love their spirit, love their hard work and want them to shine one day, could you please help them connecting with talent and with fund?

Connect with them: or +91-9930224681

Thanks for reading folks!


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I'm Deepak Pandey an Enterpreneur from Mumbai who loves nature and aws on her magics!

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