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What are the FDI guidelines for eCommerce?

Pardon my ignorance on the subject in case you are the enlightened one and don’t sue me for anything typed below.

I remember reading about a probe on Flipkart last November, since then there has been no news around it at all, have I missed something?

Either I have been living under a rock or everyone’s overlooking the legal aspects of these FDI eCommerce ventures.

I kept reading articles about Amazon trying to convince the government on FDI in the papers and then I read articles that Amazon starts selling books and then mobiles.. Did I miss the memo.. where’s that article stating ‘Govt. okays Amazon’s proposal’?

Now, I understand the B2B and B2C parts and know that the definition of eCommerce is not solid, the very loopholes which all of them seem to be exploiting. The move from inventory lead models to marketplaces would probably make everything from black to white, which raises another question on ethics which I’ll probably ask separately.

Can anyone throw some light on this. I am confused, if there are so many FDI eRetail ventures because of a loose policy or loose characters or this is simply my poor understanding.

(Maybe the other popular Kejriwal (my respect to both) could then take up this subject too)


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