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WHAT the BECK…we are #3 !!!

UPDATE: AUG 4, 2016


Proud moment… BECK in top 3 of the top 20 Promising Tech Startups in India – cover story by Digit Magazine August 2016 Issue. 


earlier post about what we do…. 


Let’s start with…


The Problem: How to make sending anything anywhere simple through technology?


Sending a parcel abroad, regardless of the size of the package, can often be a hassle for the sender – the process is not transparent, there are often issues with the weight of the package, and the charges are often exorbitant.


We thought of this as the problem and worked on finding a the solution with our startup..


The Solution:


It is to address these concerns..we started BECK Friends, a global peer-to-peer logistics marketplace.



But how is BECK Friends different from other logistics services operating globally?


The difference lies in the approach. BECK Friends is aimed at creating a simple, flexible, cost-effective platform for delivery solutions that reaches out to a global consumer base. Moreover, it also gives an opportunity to the user delivering the package to earn while they travel. With the platform, BECK is looking to disrupt the global logistics market through technology and help its users in sending anything anywhere economically by bringing in a community-led approach.



The process for requesting and offerings services on BECK Friends is very simple. Users add requests in the location they choose, providing the details of pickup & delivery along with the package details and the picture of the package to be delivered. The platform’s algorithm then gives an estimated pricing based on factors such as the time requested for delivery, the package size and the distance. Other users can then respond to the request, which delivers a notification to the sender and gives him/her an option to see the Facebook profile of the user interested in making the delivery. Once the interested party is approved by the sender, numbers are then exchanged through SMS. This ensures privacy as well as establishes trust for both parties involved.








With the platform free to use at present, BECK Friends is focusing on creating a critical mass of users in form of peers, third party courier companies and truck companies amongst other partners. Users can sign up with BECK Friends to send things around the globe or simply look for opportunity to earn next time when you are travelling.




Log onto & sign up.. to send anything anywhere in the world & earn as you travel. 


Don’t forget to give us your feedback! on to make the product better for you!



About the author:


Deep Malhotra is the Co-Founder of BECK Technology Ventures Pvt. Ltd.  Feel free to write with your thoughts and opinions on or follow on Twitter @deepmalhotra


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  1. wow. this is super neat deep! congrats on the new venture!!

    so i guess you get a commission from the logistics persons making the deliveries?

    quick q – what if a customer confirms with more than one of your logistics partners? do you have a way to disallow that?

  2. Thanks Asha!

    – we currently aren’t charging any commission. Idea is to attract a critical mass of users & be focussed on the product. Revenue generation could be thru commission or small fee once we have happy users.

    Great question regarding approval of requests…

    – once you have interested user/partner interested to deliver ur package you can choose the right one (matching ur requirement) from the user details/profile you can see from ur profile page on the product. Once you approve ur details are exchanged & ur live request goes offline.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Deep,it seems to be the nice venture.I just have one question.if you are using the services of existing logistics players in the market,how can this be a cheaper option for the customer.
    One more thing is how are you different from DHL or FedEx in your services.

  4. Hi Deep,

    Solving logistics is the world’s biggest nightmare in recent times.

    Though the crude Oil prices have fallen and with that the ATF (Air Turbine Fuel) has also dropped, the Air courier industry has not yet taken notice.

    BECK friends is indeed a good initiative but I have my own contrarian opinion. 

    Your team needs to go through the Baggage Rules Once and For All.…/trvler-guide_ason05feb2015.pdf

    I have known from my friends, Indians who are abroad miss the home made food items and festival offerings all the time.

    Some of them have made this a regular business affair since years.

    The Govt. also from time to time change and tweak rules to help people enjoy a feel good factor.

    What can be Best for Beck is to push within India across States and Municipal Bodies around Cities.

    I think except for the banned goods (like in Bihar and Gujarat) goods for home consumption and small Gifts have no barrier or hassle to carry around.

    For Commercial Purposes we have used in past the Mumbai Pune Taxi Stand to deliver Goods and also InterState Buses to deliver time bound commitments and sometimes the Rajdhani canteen. (trade secrets shared).

    Things are a little better these days since we have Door to Door Couriers.

    Cost is a factor and your team is in the right direction to cut and share Costs.

    If logistics is your passion I am sure Angadias (Mumbai – Gujarat Courier service) will be happy to use your Apps.

    This is a good beginning and My Best Wishes to you and your team.

    Good Luck!! 

  5. 1- Check out the image attached. How can I possibly earn money by picking up the parcel from Colaba and then delivering it to wherever in Udaipur for Rs. 284? That will be my personal TRAVEL cost within these cities! Will the sender and the receiver come and deliver and collect instead?

    2. What about security? What if there are drugs concealed in the Rag dolls or purfume bottles? “Dont accept parcels from strangers” is the #1 rule they teach when you begin to travel!

  6. thanks alok for ur feedback!

    1. The price is an estimate further to the sender approving the request of the User (looking at the profile) who is interested to deliver. After approval their contact numbers and other details will get shared and they can decide on other cost factors. We are also working on getting partners on board so that users have best options to choose from ie. Peers, smaller courier companies etc. On a single interface.

    2. Current focus is on max sign ups. Once we have critical mass the profile will play important aspect. User will need to verify their profiles by uploading address proof like passport, adhar card scan etc and third party company will authenticate the profile as verified profile within 48 hrs. Also, Don’t think a drug dealer would like to use a platform like this where all his persobal info is available if the package is caught and will be easy to trace.

    We are still building more options and features to make security and pricing better…and your feedback is always valuable!

  7. Great query alok…we are trying to get all options availble to the user on a single simple interface…from friends who are travelling, to smaller courier companies etc giving the user to choose on basis of their requirement… This will help the price to be competitive. Also, an opportunity to earn for the users who would deliver the package.

  8. Wow Vinod great insights and feedback….we should connect offline you seem to have a hands on experience in logistics would love to take ur feedback on the features we building on the product. Please share ur contact details on Thanks!

  9. I think this is much needed service and I am sure with growing user base, it will make life a lot easier. If I understanding it right, probably having more “delivery” folks will accelerate the platform. While I am considering scale, few questions that I believe you would have already thought of.

    What about the security, what users share in pictures, would it be same as they handover? (I really had a friend who transported packets of “illegal” stuff around). Looking at sites around on web, there is a lot that is fake – be it fiverr, facebook, dating sites etc. While stakes could be less elsewhere, here the stakes could be high. Who would own the accountability?

    Best wishes.

  10. Proud moment… BECK ( in top 3 of the top 20 Promising Tech Startups in India – cover story by Digit Magazine August 2016 Issue. 

  11. hey many congrats deep – that’s BIG NEWS!!

  12. thanks Asha!!!

  13. hi deep,

    so i thought of sharing this post of yours again on social media. wanted to check your fb page on the website since it’s not mentioned in the post. but your popups don’t let me scroll down 🙁 i can’t find a cross to close them either!

    you might want to give people the chance to check out your website….

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