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When it does not appear easy, trust Itzeazy

Not Easy :

Is complex documentation process driving you crazy ?

Long queues , red-tapism  making you frustrated ?

Is time  consuming  & difficult process taking toll in your personal & professional life ?

Answer to all of the questions is definitely yes specially in  developing & under developing countries . So here comes

Simplifying Lives – Itzeazy :

itzeazy is one stop solution for all Govt. related documentation such as :

  • Visa
  • Passport
  • RTO
  • Driving License
  • Birth Certificate  
  • Marriage Certificate

Itzeazy way :

  • SLA driven service commitment 
  • 24*7 service – both online and offline
  • Door step service 
  • Safety and security of documents
  • Provides counseling and guidance thus  offering personal touch

Who Are We :

Itzeazy was started by three MBA graduates (including me), who were disgruntled by their un-challenging job profiles in their respective MNCs. Aspiring for proving our differential credentials, we took the path of entrepreneurship.

After many rounds of discussion, we decided to enter into one of the toughest market of services i.e. Government documents. 

On the realization of the existing gap in this area, we joined hands to set up

Our Journey :

We also like many other startups experienced initial hiccups related to HR, partners and other management aspects. We struggled hard for making space in a sector that was notorious for being dominated by manipulative agents.

We three having different skills and expertise, initially invested very modest resources and worked on ad-hoc basis but soon realized that entrepreneurship requires 24*7 involvement.

With our own set of learnings, we strived to sustain our existence and slowly evolved from naïve MBAs to mature professionals. It took us some time to understand the nitty-gritties of ops. Our effort is towards organizing this sector which is dominant by manipulative and unreliable agents.

Our Strengths :

We are providing people an option to shift their worries to experienced and reliable professionals. They only have to delegate the work to us without hampering important office and family commitments. They can just place their order from the comfort of office or home either through mail or phone.

We were able to crack the break even operations within 6 months. Without any huge investment Itzeazy has till now sustained. Now it has completed its existence in India for more than three years and has services in 9 cities of India.

We have been able to carve our niche in this sector the because of our excellent customer handling, efficient service delivery that ensures high level of customer satisfaction.

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  1. hi himanshu,

    this is a challenging pain point to solve!!

    most folks might ask you how are you different from agents (in terms of the services you provide, apart from being trustworthy…)

    it would be more helpful (to us and you) if you could list down what all services you provide (in which govt. office). you’ve mentioned 3 of them. are there more?

  2. This really solves a big pain point of pushing papers in government offices. Incidentally I was looking for a way to get my rent agreement done and saw this post!

    But would like to hear your replies to Asha’s queries.

  3. Dear Asha ,

    Thanks for your response .

    We are professionally managed  company and our approach is organised .We differentiates ourselves  with agent by providing correct information in most transparent manner. Our website and customer care executives provides repository of wide range of helpful information on the government documentation.

    The most important point which differentiates us from agents is , we are working with a broader vision of making Govt. documentation process simple and efficient ( Dreamt  often by most of us)  . We believe , its only possible with the intervention like itzeazy   ( as Govt. has limited resources ) 

    Presently we provide assistance for Visa, Passport, RTO, Driving License, Marriage certificate, Birth certificate, Documents attestation , PAN card . We are in the process of adding more and more.

  4. Hi Sridhar,

    Hope someday  we will be able to solve this completely .

  5. Excellent. I had started a company when i was 17 called “Solver” to help NRIs get refund of the IPO applications 🙂

    I like people who help people!

  6. Its the people’s problems which keep us pushing and people like you keep us motivating

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