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Why as an IT Professional we don’t charge consultancy FEE and don’t seek a NOC?

I always wonder, why as an IT Professional we don’t charge consultancy FEE and don’t seek a NOC?

Have your ever thought so, since when ever you visit a lawyer, doctor, etc they would charge a consultancy FEE irrespective whether they are able to provide a solution to your problem.

Now the question is, why am I asking this question? Because I recently meet couple of lawyers for a legal case and asked them to share a cost and strategy they would take to handle my legal case. The upfront answer was he would be charging me Rs 15000 to go through the documents and give me a strategy. If I signup then it would be adjusted with the billing else not. I am surprised since how do I signup with a lawyer before knowing how they plans to handle my case and what will be their strategy.

Hence my question is, why we don’t charge a consultancy fee to a client who wish to either get a software developed or a website or looking for a marketing solution? I have offend seen client giving several website for reference and have asked me to review them to give a cost and feature list for similar website or mix of one or two reference.

Now lets come to NOC, visit any lawyer or CA, they would ask you to get a NOC if you have an existing lawyer or CA handling your account. So why we don’t have such practice in IT sector. Additionally, we don’t have membership as well like lawyer, doctors, CA have. We have IAMAI but they are paid and I think individuals cannot be their member.


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  1. coz most of the IT professionals and companies are more than willing to offer this consultancy service for free. Then there are freelancers who are willing to work even for peanuts, if not for free, to just get a certain brand on their client list. the industry itself is so unorganized that even a 1 man company can make tall promises and claim to be better than a registered company.

  2. Yes I know that but why is it so.. we boost that we make people life simpler and yet our industry is most unorganized. What and how can we improve this and bring changes both for professional and customers..!!!

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