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Why does Internet access pricing suck?

I just saw the Airtel 3G pricing.  It looks like their assumption of data consumption is still stuck on a 128Kbps rated 70Kbps actual era.  There is also the “safety shield” cap of Rs. 2000 after which your bandwidth drops to …wait for it… 20kbps.


My daily consumption is 2GB+ on my Airtel landline and thats because I have a 2Mbps line.  15 days after the billing cycle it drops to 1MBbps when I hit the first 30GB limit. It drops to 1 Mbps after that.  If I hit the 100 GB “Fair usage policy” (rolls eyes and rolls eyes) limit it will drop to 256Kbps.  No option to pay overusage charges and still get 1Mbps.


Airtel is my example.  Every other provider’s plans will be just as crazy: 3G, 2G, Broadband, WiMax, WiBro, blah blah blah


Dear Internet service provider people:


The average human being in a wired world will consume 1 TB a day.  And once we switch to full HD and 3D immersives the average consumption pattern will be 1 PB (Petabyte)+.  Data consumption is on a hockey stick growth so belt up and suck up to the reality.  


Today I need a plan that will give me at least 100 GB of usage in a month with the option to pay overusage charges without effin slashin my speed.  Tomorrow that’s going to up to 200, in a few months 500, and I think a nice round 1 TB a month would be satisfactory trade off to keep me satisfied for the next few years.


Stop effin treatin us like a third world tourist charter.  On the internet there is only one world.  The connected and the not connected.  And obviously the not connected are not here.  


You sob to the TRAI that the 20% of the users are high consumption abusers of the FUP.  Uh.  Abusers? Fair Usage Policy? Which curstacean dinosaur rock are you stuck under? Yes, yes.  You point to US, UK in support of the FUP .  Uh.  More dinosaurs.  Verizon and AT&T using ancient dark ages voodoo mantra 20th century pricing models.  


<Pink floyd strikes up…Tear down the walls…tear down the walls…> 


And stop calling names.  Your top 20% data consumers are not abusers.  They are some of the most wired individuals in India.   Encourage them to sink into the information matrix.  Play fair.  Information consumption is data intensive.  Stop acting like it isn’t.  


I need a data pipe as wide as the Suez Canal.  Not an effin straw.  And its not like there is some kind of scarcity that limits the amount of data packets that can flow…..


Thanks for listening.  








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