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Why Tinder ROCKS and why you should be ON IT

A couple of years ago, I told my wife Chhavi that I was uploading my profile on ALL the new ‘dating’ apps that were being unleashed on the markets. As a mobile apps games entrepreneur obsessed by apps, I wanted to understand the UX/ UI of leading Industry apps and understand how they targeted consumers. My wife yawned and said, “Dude, do what you have to do…” and shrugged me off.

I’ve been tracking these apps ever since, and one product that always fascinates me is Tinder. I’ve met so many of my friends on it (and reconnected with a few lost ones :)) We always move from Tinder to Whatsapp to keep chatting.

Today, I just discovered how TINDER HIRES!!

Check out these screen shots in order of the UX I encountered and the Takeaway lessons at the end!








My takeaways:

1.  If possible always make hire someone who is IN YOUR PRODUCT or is an avid consumer of what you make/sell rather than some zombie found via a head-hunter.

2. Make the hiring process as close to experiencing your product itself! At Games2win, we  hire product managers who play their favorite categories of games – not people who answer academic questions gleaned from Text books.

3. As an entrepreneur who is building products for consumers, KEEP CONSUMING!! Be IN the zone! So what if you are married – what stops you from being on Tinder and understanding such awesome UX?!

Thank you Tinder for teaching me another level of Engagement today!


First Published on: Nov 17, 2015


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  1. Good find by you. Nice hiring process, interesting positions. From the background colour, it seems Tinder prefers women for those positions.

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