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Startup get richer using quantitative algorithms on direct plan mutual funds

Dear Rodinhooders,

It would be great if you could take a few minutes from your busy schedules to check out Wixifi and give me your feedback – I promise it will be worth your while.

The back story to Wixifi is that have long wondered why retail investors do not have access to the same sophistication in investing as large institutions do. While working as a trader on Wall Street I used to wonder why the difference in the strategy quality is so vast – and I guess it need not be. Wixifi provides the individual investor access to the same sophistication as a large institution at a fraction of the cost. It is the only platform I am aware of that provides an exact backtested simulation that takes into account capital gains tax and loads and pits it against all other asset classes(NIFTY, Gold, Real estate and FDs). You can see the exact portfolio at any time in history.

This is my attempt to democratize sophisticated investing and make technology accessible to every India. This journey has been started with direct plan mutual funds because that is the safest and simplest instrument to apply it to for individual investors. (If anyone is interested in more sophisticated applications for HNIs I am happy to chat with you anytime – please do drop me like at

Backtesting example

Some of the benefits of using Wixifi are:

  • Simulated Backtested performance: You can see the results of the various risk levels against other asset classes (FDs, Gold, Real Estate and NIFTY) before you invest. You can even see the simulated portfolios at any time slice in history. The results are fairly interesting and I would love to hear your feedback on them
  • Single click to invest across several funds: You can check the trades before clicking buy
  • Automated Rebalancing: This feature lets Re-balance your entire portfolio in 3 clicks
  • Safe and Secure: The investment is done through MF Utilities India Private Limited which is a joint venture of 25 of the most respected AMCs in India. Moreover your money is directly transferred to the Mutual funds by their payment gateway (BillDesk).

Direct Plans Only & no kickbacks

This is an oft repeated benefit but Direct plans really save you lots of money – typically 1% per year on equity funds. So needless to say if you are investing in mutual funds please switch to direct plans today. Wixifi only recommends direct plans.

Quarterly Post paid billing 

You only pay after the quarter and the beauty is that you can withdraw at any time if you are not satisfied without paying for the quarter. You can even access your portfolio directly from .

Please feel free to email me at with any comments, suggestions or questions. If you like the product please do tell your family and friends.

Looking forward to your views on Wixifi!

Ishaan Gupta 

Founder, Wixifi

Phone: +91 124 438 0200

SEBI Registered Investment Advisor: INA100003675 | ARN – 108899 | LinkedIn | Twitter

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  1. The site is very poorly tested:

    This chart does not go backwards from 2009:

    The dates here don’t make sense. The calendars are very unfriendly to rewind

  2. Hey Alok,

    Thanks for trying out Wixifi. The graph is going back to 2007 for me:

    Could it be a browser issue? I have tested on Chrome, IE, Edge, Mozilla, Safari and Opera. Would be great if you could send me your OS and Browser version so that I can replicate the test.

    I agree that the date pickers are not great – you can click on the title of the date (month and year) will give you the ability to rewind 16 years in a single click. I would be obliged if you can share an example of a better date picker. The other option we had considered was the 3 drop-down version used on . On a quick verbal survey people preferred this one. Would you prefer the 3 drop-down version or something else?

    Also I will change the month to a 3 letter description on the mutual fund screener so that the date becomes clearer. Would that address your concern about the dates not making sense?

    Hope we can change your mind about the quality of the testing 🙂

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