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Your childhood friends from Cartoon Network are back!

I was hardly aware of the worldly pleasures and dis-pleasures at that time, the only thing I understood then was Cartoon Network. Some friendly characters who beat the shit out of bad people and saved the day. Least bothered about anything else, I knew my timings well, my mom stuffed me with an extra chapati and I constantly stared at the television. CN was actually hypnotizing. Slowly, I grew, in height-weight-brain size-and possibly everything else, except one- time! Time only seemed to lessen while the rest increased and I moved away from my childhood best friends. I so miss those days even though I hardly remember what all I did besides watching cartoons. And I am pretty sure you all miss those days as much as I do.

Then, we (me and a few friends) started PepperScript where we planned to publish books for entertainment- fiction and non-fiction to revolutionize the publishing industry in India. We still missed those childhood days, you know what the entrepreneurial pressure is like, it can make you miss a lot of things. We had an idea to bring back those days and that too in a way where time was not a concern at all- Comics.

PepperScript Comics, for the first time in India, proudly present Cartoon Network Original Comic Series CN RemixThe comic is available for pre-order exclusively at and will be officially launched online on 21st November this year. PepperScript Comics is debuting with 2 issues- CN Remix V.1 and V.2, which comprise of the likes of The Powerpuff Girls, The Dexter’s Laboratory, Courage- The Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Ed Edd n Eddy and Samurai Jack. There are more savored for the later issues. Soon the comic series will be a monthly release.

You know what is the best thing about what PepperScript Comics is doing and will be doing in future (with your support), it is for anybody and everybody because everybody has the right to smile. Childhood, our’s or of those who are lucky now, is priceless!

You can connect with PepperScript Comics through Twitter and Facebook to participate in various contests and have fun with your favourite characters.


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  1. sorry – but what does the video try and communicate?

    Who is the TG for your product?

    The guy in the video?

    Why am i so confused?

    And if it is about nostalgia, then what’s the remix about?

  2. Hi Alok.

    The video shows what cartoon network felt like. it is more focused on the people who have enjoyed the 90’s cartoon series. The ‘guy’ in the video is all grown up and ready to hit the wars of work and while he is going through his childhood stuff, finds Cartoon Network which brings a smile on his face. He loved those cartoons. So yess it is about nostalgia. ‘REMIX’ because the comic is a mixture of those super loved cartoon series revived in a comic format, not anyone would have time to sit down and watch them again.

    The TG, in a not so technical manner is anyone and everyone who just wants to have a good fun time ‘reading’ a comic book but more specifically from the age one can read to a good solid 40. wherever you go you can carry one CN Remix and finish it even before you realize you’ve had a good time.

    And about your confusion, try reading one CN Remix. 🙂

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